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These are the best and cheap foam darts machine toy blaster and LMG from the biu blaster shop. They are featured with the large drum mag or ammo belt. With electric battery power, you can spray your target with a rain of nerf darts. Types include m249, Gatling, and other large drum toy blasters. Shipping is free. check now!

LMG Dart Blasters

LH SAW M249 Electric Darts Blaster


JF M2 Electric Soft Bullet Dart Blaster


Lehui MG3 WW2 Full Auto Foam Dart Blaster Toy (US Stock)


Lehui Electric Golden Gatling Minigun Dart Blaster


Electric Auto Gatling Darts Blaster Toy


Fire Bull M32 Pyro Dart Blaster


Electric Shell Ejecting Gatling Dart Blaster