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The rifle foam dart blasters are so fun to play with for both adults and kids, they are bigger sizes with a cooler appearance. The rifle foam blasters have great room for upgrading. Some are manual spring powered while others are electric flywheels or AEG powered by batteries. The potential firepower of this kind of rifle foam blaster is very high.

Rifle Dart Blasters

Sembylon Valkyrie Dart Blaster


High Rate of Fire V6 Dart Blaster


Xing Shen Fire Phoenix Foam Dart Blaster


XYL KM9 Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)


Electric Auto BK1 AEG Foam Blaster


JiaNvHai Valkyrie G01 Dart Blaster


ZWQ S100 CRS100 War Saint Dart Blaster


YinLun Feline Foam Dart Blaster


Worker Harrier Foam Dart Blaster


Hanke Flintlock Rifle Musket Dart Blaster Pirate Toy Gun


Sembylon Vector Electric Dart Blaster


LC MG3 Electric Auto Shell Ejecting Foam Blaster


Sembylon M416 Soft Bullet Electric Foam Dart Blaster


Thompson Manual Foam Dart Blaster Soft Bullet Toy


Carrot M416 Shell Ejecting Soft Bullet Dart Blaster


Worker Nerf Seagull Dart Blaster


Thompson Electric Manual/Auto Dart Blaster with Shells Ejection


LC AKM Manual Mag-Fed Shell Ejecting Dart Blaster


Groza Manual Shell Ejecting Mag-Fed Foam Dart Blaster


JG M416 Manual Graffiti Shell Ejecting Foam Blaster


LeFan Double Barrel Shell Ejecting Foam Dart Blaster


Handi QBZ-95 Manual Shell Ejecting Foam Blaster


AK-47 Shell Ejecting Manual Foam Dart Blaster


PDW Razor Caliburn Manual Pump Foam Dart Blaster


JF M416 Belt-Fed Electric/Manual Foam Dart Blaster (US Stock)


Sembylon QBZ-95 Electric Semi-Auto Dart Blaster


Semi Automatic Large HK416 Carrot Dart Blaster


Worker Terminator Plus Upgraded Short Dart Stefan Blaster


Worker Mod Prophecy PDW Honey Badger Blaster


M16 Manual Shell Ejecting Mag-Fed Dart Blaster


RQ Electric HK416 Modular Belt-Fed Foam Dart Blaster


Worker Dominator Full Auto Foam Blaster DIY Kit