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SKU Quantity
x5 gel blaster 90
hds68 5
quasar dr12 blue 30
yt633 10
mg3 dart blaster 10
m1894 dart blaster 50
m1887 winchester 80
cs0966 50
uzi 70
rs99-17 glock 100
rs99-13 orange glock 80
rq p90 30
cs006 m1911 gel blaster 20
xm1014 30
jm-x2 glock 30
60000pcs gel balls with bottle 0
40000pcs gellets with bottle 0
40000pcs gel balls with hopper bottle 98
120000pcs gel balls 98
200000pcs mix gel balls 78
2pcs milky white 50


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Note: We will update the list 1-3 days, for more accurate quantity, you could just contact biu blaster

We can ship all gel blasters and foam blasters from china to the USA now,  the US stock blasters can be sent from US warehouse to the United States.

This is the product page for USA stock toy blasters