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Best Gel Blasters in 2022

by BiuBlaster on June 25, 2022

The Best Gel Ball Blaster Gun of 2022

Time is running fast, it's already 2022 now. The gel ball balster market has been changing in a fast pace. Whether it's AU market or US market, new trend is coming out and there is a difference of the best gel blasters product between 2021 and 2022.

The Biu Blaster is a professional toy blasters international seller that deficated to provide the latest and coolest blasters to all players that love this hobby. We summerize what's the best gel blasters in 2022 today. There are many new products released this year and some models are worth recommending.

After weeks of researching and delving into the market statistics and customer feedback. Biu Blaster has finally finished this review for all gel blaster enthuiasts. This ultimate review and buying guide of 2022 will not only help you know the trends industry but also get to know what's worth to buy.

Okay Let's skip the introduction of explaining what's gel blasters and gel balls, and just get to the point.
guy holding a gel blaster toy

What's the best Gel Blaster of 2022?

The Simple answer is depending on the type. Actually, this is a big question and clearly no definitive answer. But no worries ZHENDUO Blasters expertise have already listed the rank and know what we think is the best. Check our ranking below.

Best kids gel blaster

No.1 RS99-17 gel ball blaster
This is a truly one of the best hopper fed gel blasters that are good for kids and family. it's totally original design made by BIU. It's electric 7.4v powered, hopper fed and uses pistol gearbox. It has decent power that is good enought for fun while safe to play.
If you are looking for a gift for your children, then this is the best option!
- cheap price
- blowback
- bottom rails for attachments
- graffiti skin
- full auto, easy to use
FPS:  90-100
RPS: 8
Range:  50- 100 feet
Shooting game with the RS99-17 blaster


No.2  New P90 Gel Ball Blaster with Orange Tip

The notorious p90 is definitely need to be on the list of the best gel blaster of 2022. The new version of p90 gel gun has replaced the black suppressor with orange firecap, which made it convenient to pass customs and sell on the toy market.
As a full auto electric powered toy gun. The p90 has a higher velocity and rate of fire due to its unique gearbox. The compact size and good performance made the p90 the best CQB gel blaster of 2022. I am sure this gelsoft will optimize cqb type of combat, get your adrenaline going and win the close quarter battle. It's also a very good gift ideas for kids.
- 1:1 p90 scale
-- two graffiti skin available
- good power
- orange firecap
FPS:  180
RPS: 8-10
Range:  20-25m
P90 Overview:

Shooting test:

Best Selling Gel Blaster

The JM X-2 Gel Blaster


The Jin Ming X-2 glock gel ball blaster is the most popular toy blaster in 2022. It has achieved the most sales in many toy gun store.

It's a full auto blaster shooting 7-8mm gel balls. The blaster body has 7.4v battery built in, and combined with the 7.4v flashlight, it can reach to 14.8v.

It's cool appearance with high performance made it an optimal choice for any skirmish and fun at backyard. 


- 14.8v battery powered
- releastic glock model
- ergonomic grip
- 3 types of mags available
- Good FPS and RPS
- blowback

Shooting range: 15-20m
Velocity: 160 FPS
Rate of fire: 12 RPS


How Do You Buy The Best Gel Blaster Gun?

Review is the most important thing when it comes to buy from an unknown store. Smart customers want to shop wisely and save where they can.

The reviews can let you get a better understanding of the product and make the seller trustworthy. The other customers feedback usually are objective so it can shed a light on what gel blaster is the best

    Reading reviews is a great way to help you find a great product, of course, reviews can only be meaningful if they can be trusted. Reputable reviews let you know which products to avoid, saving your time and hard-earned money, two very valuable resources. In other words, reviews give you a true idea of companies and products before parting with your money. 

    Except the review, when it comes to choice, brands sometimes matter. Brands can help us save decision-making time, create differences, provide peace of mind and safety.


    gel blaster for kids

    In the End

    Everyone has their own taste when considering what's the best gel blaster of 2022, this list is only for reference. After reading this article, I believe you already have an idea for what gonna buy. The gel blaster market is changing drastically and new models and brands are poping up, biu blaster will make another best list for 2023 in next year.

    We do not forget that keeping product information up-to-date is our priority; therefore, we keep our websites updated at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that there are more product worth recommending!