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the 7mm gels are commonly used in most gel ball blasters types. Some 7-8mm gel balls are really hardened and frosted, they performed well, and have fewer jams. We highly recommend using high-quality water beads.

A 7-8mm gel ball is a type of small, spherical gel bead that is often used in a variety of applications, such as in water guns, stress balls, and arts and crafts projects. They are made of a soft, pliable material that can be squished and molded, and are typically clear or translucent in color. Gel balls are known for their bouncy and water-absorbent properties, and are often used as a fun and unique alternative to traditional water balloons. A 7-8mm gel ball is slightly larger than a 6-7mm gel ball, and may have slightly different properties and characteristics. The specific size and properties of a 7-8mm gel ball will depend on the manufacturer and the materials used to make it.


7-8mm Milky White Hardened Gel Balls (US Stock)


Gel Ball Bottle with 7-8mm 40000pcs Water Beads (US Stock)


120000Pcs Gel Ball Beads Refill 7-8mm - Color Blue, Orange, Mix (US Stock)


Glow In the Dark Tracer Gel Ball 7mm


AKA V2 Ultra Hard Gel Ball


40000/100000pcs 7-8MM Hardened Coloured Gel Balls


7-8mm Warinterest LDT 3.0 Heavier Harder Red Gel Balls


40000PCS Gel Ball Blaster Refill Ammo 7-8mm Harden Water Bullet Replace (US Stock)


Warinterest 7-8MM Hardened Gel Balls


7-8mm Soft Rubber Ball Bullets


7-8MM LDT Warinterest Glow In the Dark Tracer Gel Balls


800ml Speedloader with 20000pcs 7-8mm Gel Balls


Gel Splater Ball Blaster Refill Ammo 7-8mm 80000PCS Blue+Orange (US Stock)


7-8mm 80000pcs Mix Gel Balls w/ Bottles Non-Toxic Eco Friendly (US Stock)


8 Colors 7-8mm Gel Ball Blaster Refill Ammo 10000pcs Per Pack (US Stock)


Warinterest LDT 4.0 Gel Balls Water Beads


1kg Gel Balls Water Beads 7-8mm


STD 7.4mm Hardened Orange Gel Ball Ammo


7-8mm YBX Hardened Gel Balls


4 Packs Blue + 4 Packs Orange 80000Pcs Gel Ball Beads 7-8mm


7-8mm Gel Ball Refill - 2* Glow in The Dark + 3* Mix Color +...


2 Bottles 60000Pcs Colorful Gel Balls 7-8mm


AKA Milky White Gel Balls 7-8mm Hardened & Toughened


1KG Glow in the Dark Tracer Gel Balls 7-8mm


10000PCS 7-8mm/9-11mm/11-13mm Gel Balls


40000Pcs 7-8MM Gel Balls with Bottle


50000pcs Gel Ball Refill Ammo Water Beads Non-Toxic Eco Friendly 7.5mm (US Stock)


20000pcs Blue Gel Ball Harden Water Ammo Refill Bottle (US Stock)


1kg 7-8mm Milky White Hardened Gel Balls


1KG 7-8mm Purple Hardened Gellets


6Packs 7-8mm Gel Balls Set