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these 6-7mm water beads can act as a decoration in festivals or decoring the plant pot. Few gel blasters use 6-7mm gel balls now, but some blasters still use them.  Biu Blaster provides both water beads and round rubber bullets of 6mm ammo. The Price has lowered, and bulk buy can be cheaper, check now!

A 6-7mm gel ball is a type of small, spherical gel bead that is often used in a variety of applications, such as in water guns, stress balls, and arts and crafts projects. They are made of a soft, pliable material that can be squished and molded, and are typically clear or translucent in color. Gel balls are known for their bouncy and water-absorbent properties, and are often used as a fun and unique alternative to traditional water balloons.


500Pcs/Packet 6-7mm Gel Balls 15Packs


10Packs Soft Rubber Bullets 6MM


5Packs 2500Pcs 6-7mm Gel Balls