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Introducing our incredible Foam Disc Blaster Collection - the ultimate arsenal for foam disc warfare enthusiasts! Prepare to experience unparalleled fun and excitement as you engage in epic battles with friends and family. Our collection features a range of top-of-the-line blasters designed to deliver thrilling combat experiences like never before.

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Foam Disc Blasters

JF Zhangfei Electric Auto P90 Foam Disc Blaster (US Stock)


JF Desert Eagle Toy Gun Electric Foam Disc Blaster


JF M1911 Electric Blowback Foam Disc Blaster


Mag-Fed Electric Pistol Foam Disc Launcher Toy Blaster


JF Electric M416 Foam Disc Blaster


JF Soft Foam Disc Refill Ammo 30pcs w/ Box


JF SCAR-L Foam Disc Blaster Toy Launcher


Flying Foam Disc Launcher Shooter Toy Gun Creative Design Kids Toys


Radish Warrior DIY Flying Disc Blaster Kids Toy


Children Classic Foam Disc Launcher Zip Shot Shooter Toy


JF Pistol Foam Disc Shooter Refill Ammo 30pcs w/ Box


JF Electric AWM Sniper Foam Disc Blaster


JF Huangzhong Electric Auto Foam Disc Blaster