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Best-selling and high-quality water beads gellets orbeez gelballs. These gel balls are made with non-toxic safe SAP material. They are durable, hardened, and mess-free. We can provide a gel ball sizes of 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, 11mm, 13mm. Good for gel ball blaster toy guns and plant decorations.

Gel balls are small, spherical beads that are made of a soft, pliable material. They are often clear or translucent in color, and are known for their bouncy and water-absorbent properties. Gel balls are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as in water guns, stress balls, and arts and crafts projects. They are also used in gel ball blasters, which are toy guns that shoot gel balls. Gel balls are a fun and unique alternative to traditional water balloons, and are enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Gel Balls

7-8mm Milky White Hardened Gel Balls (US Stock)


Gel Ball Bottle with 7-8mm 40000pcs Water Beads (US Stock)


10000Pcs Gel Balls 12mm


120000Pcs Gel Ball Beads Refill 7-8mm - Color Blue, Orange, Mix (US Stock)


10000pcs Hardened Blue Gel Balls 7-8MM


Glow In the Dark Tracer Gel Ball 7mm


AKA V2 Ultra Hard Gel Ball


40000/100000pcs 7-8MM Hardened Coloured Gel Balls


7-8mm Warinterest LDT 3.0 Heavier Harder Red Gel Balls


40000PCS Gel Ball Blaster Refill Ammo 7-8mm Harden Water Bullet Replace (US Stock)


Warinterest 7-8MM Hardened Gel Balls


200000pcs Water Beads for Gel Blasters, Sensory Toy & Decorations (US Stock)


600000Pcs 9-11mm Mix Gel Balls w/ Bottles


7-8MM LDT Warinterest Glow In the Dark Tracer Gel Balls


7-8mm Soft Rubber Ball Bullets


800ml Speedloader with 20000pcs 7-8mm Gel Balls


Gel Splater Ball Blaster Refill Ammo 7-8mm 80000PCS Blue+Orange (US Stock)


7-8mm 80000pcs Mix Gel Balls w/ Bottles Non-Toxic Eco Friendly (US Stock)


8 Colors 7-8mm Gel Ball Blaster Refill Ammo 10000pcs Per Pack (US Stock)


1kg Gel Balls Water Beads 7-8mm


Warinterest LDT 4.0 Gel Balls Water Beads


STD 7.4mm Hardened Orange Gel Ball Ammo


7-8mm YBX Hardened Gel Balls


4 Packs Blue + 4 Packs Orange 80000Pcs Gel Ball Beads 7-8mm


7-8mm Gel Ball Refill - 2* Glow in The Dark + 3* Mix Color +...


2 Bottles 60000Pcs Colorful Gel Balls 7-8mm


1KG Glow in the Dark Tracer Gel Balls 7-8mm


AKA Milky White Gel Balls 7-8mm Hardened & Toughened


5Packs 2500Pcs 6-7mm Gel Balls


40000Pcs 7-8MM Gel Balls with Bottle


10000PCS 7-8mm/9-11mm/11-13mm Gel Balls


50000pcs Gel Ball Refill Ammo Water Beads Non-Toxic Eco Friendly 7.5mm (US Stock)