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very high-end sniper foam dart blasters for toy blasters fans! they are manual action, some with more features!

Sniper dart blasters are toy guns that shoot small, soft darts. They are designed to mimic the appearance and functionality of real sniper rifles, but are intended for use as toys and do not fire projectiles that could cause injury. Sniper dart blasters typically use spring-powered or air-powered mechanisms to launch the darts, and can often be fitted with accessories such as scopes, silencers, and bipods to enhance their realism and playability. They are popular among children and adults who enjoy playing with toy guns and participating in mock battles or target practice.

Sniper Dart Blasters

LC M24 Manual Shell Ejection Top-Fed Foam Blaster


XH AWM Mag-Fed Shell Eject Modular Foam Blaster


Worker Swift Foam Dart Blaster