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Introducing our exhilarating Water Blaster Collection, designed to make a splash and bring endless fun to your water-based adventures! Whether you're gearing up for an epic water fight or simply seeking a refreshing way to cool off during the scorching summer months, our water blasters are the ultimate tools to drench your friends, family, and yourself with excitement.

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Water Blasters

Ice Blasting High Speed Transprent Water Blaster Electric Squirt Toy


Outdoor Summer Toys Electric Water Blaster Automatic Squirt Gun (US Stock)


Electric Glock Automatic Water Blaster Squirting Toy Gun


High Rate of Fire Powerful P90 Water Gun with 33 Ft Shooting Range 450cc Capacity


Desert Eagle Fully Automatic Electric Water Gun with Magazine


Electric UZI SMG Water Blaster Toy Gun


Electric High Speed Drum Fed QBZ-95 Water Blaster Toy Gun


Crocodile Water Gun Automatic Electric Blaster Spray Outdoor Summer Pool Toys


WASP Fully Automatic Water Gun 3-Nozzle Electric Toy One Click Water Injection


Kublai S2 Electric Squirt Auto Refill Water Gun Summer Pool Beach Toy


Kids Foam Blaster Police Cosplay Water Gun 2in1


007 Electirc Pulse Water Gun for Kids & Adults


Cheetah Electric Auto Filling High Pressure Aqua Water Gun


Blaster Surge Sci-Fi Futuristic Electric Auto Water Gun


2302 Electric Self Auto Filling Superior Water Gun


Glow in the Dark Mercury M2 Electric Water Gun with Luminous Light


Electric Summer Toy Water Guns Pistol Automatic Squirt Gun with 2 Mags 500cc, 32 FT...


High Pressure Large Capacity Electric Gatling Water Splash Squirt Gun


Mini M1911 Waterproof Electric Semi-Auto Water Gun


Electric Auto Refill Captain America Shield Water Squirt Blaster


Gecko Mag-Fed Electric Blowback Water Squirt Gun


Electric Auto Refill China Warrier Shield Water Gun with Balls


Manual Semi-Auto Double Head Water Blaster Pressure Spray Gun


996 Electric Water Suction High Pressure Water Gun Long Distance Outdoor Summer Toy


1028 Water Blaster Pump Spray Blasting Gun Toy 600ml Capacity


Electric Large Capacity Automatic Water Gun Toys 375CC for Summer Pool Party Beach Outdoor Activities


Electric Tactical Vector Water Blaster Gun


Electric Powerful Waterproof Water Blaster Squirt Toy Gun


Long Range Electric Water Blaster with LED Light


Steady Stream Manual Pump Action Water Blaster Summer Kids Toy


JK 1014 Autoamtic Water Blaster Summer Beach Toy


CY005 Electric Auto Space Rifle Water Blaster