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Boomco fireline battalion twisted spinner blaster 8-shot shooting toy blaster

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

The thunder terminator, the largest of the toy launchers in the fire line camp, will have a medium-sized 8-shot series today. Because the fire line camp product series is far less than nerf. It has been mentioned before that the fire line camp transmitter has characteristics, high playability and is worth buying, that is, thunder terminator, 8-series and flywheel guard. The rest of the styles, shapes and playability are relatively general, so we don't plan to issue a series of drying orders. Firewire camp's own soft bombs are expensive and have no native version, which limits the pace of catching up with nerf to a certain extent. Before the 8th consecutive fire line camp, there was a list of friends on duty. Today, in addition to the regular display, I also added the GIF dynamic effect. The shopping channel is not the Haitao American version recommended in the station, but the national travel version purchased by Toys R US. Compared with the American version purchased for friends, there is no obvious difference in workmanship, but there is a difference in range.

BoomCo Rapid

The appearance of madness fire line camp thunder terminator doesn't change. It can end in a second. It's really sour and cool to dry the list. In detail, boom corrapid madness fire line camp thunder terminator. Although the historical low price of this fire line camp thunder terminator transmitter is my explosive material, I bought it early 226675 professional informant

Central Asia sea Outsourcing: boomco


Whipblast toy gun duty friend "professional whistleblower" recommended: "unlike the realistic shape of Hasbro nerf launcher, the design of Mattel's fireline camp soft bullet launcher is more sci-fi. At the same price, the material of fireline camp is more... 460209 professional whistleblower

Buomco fire line camp

Twisted spinner blaster 8-shot shooting toy gun 8-shot shooting toy gun of Mattel's fireline camp is popular with children and real-life CS lovers. It has an 8-hole runner firing tube, which can be fired continuously, and the firing tube rotates once every time the bullet is loaded, dazzling 5270235 Wang Xianggong

The historical low price of the American version is $6.18, and the price is about 75 yuan. According to the official range marked on the packing box, the range is about 21 meters at 70 feet, and the range of the national bank is about 15 meters at 50 feet. Compared with the actual combat of friends, ignoring the outdoor wind direction factor, it is concluded that the more pertinent distance of the flat shot hitting the target is: the American version is 15 meters > the national bank is 12 meters.

There are also three kinds of packages for the Guohang version on sale. One is the old version marked in feet in the outer box of the above figure, the new version directly marked with 15m in the above figure, and the other is the super value gift box with 8 rounds of soft bullets specially provided by toy R Us. If there are conditions, it is recommended to buy the American version.

The Chinese name of this twisted spinner blaster 8-shot shooting toy gun of the fire line camp is - Pioneer general. The shape is similar to the micro impact, with the whole body in red, supplemented by the color matching of blue, white, black and gray. The visual effect is good, and the hand feel, coating and workmanship are also significantly better than the transmitters such as revenge and STF at the price of nerf 100 yuan.


The length of the stick head bullet dedicated to the fire line camp is basically the same as that of the nerf elite soft bullet, but it is much thinner. The bullet body of the hollow tube is made of hard plastic similar to the straw, which are not common to each other. The warhead material is very similar to the sticky colloid used to clean the keyboard. It is very afraid of sticking to ash. Basically, it can't stick to the target after falling underground several times. It can be cleaned with water according to the instructions, but the effect is not obvious. The price of soft bullets is also relatively expensive.

Transmitter details, hollow out handle, moderate thickness, very good grip, tail shape is also commendable.

Unique launch mechanism. After loading from the front, the 8-hole runner firing tube fires soft bullets while pulling the handle. Each time the handle is pulled to load, the firing tube will rotate one circle, which has a great visual effect. In addition, it is accompanied by the sound effect generated by the rotating friction of the loading mechanism, which is very pleasant. Of course, there are also comments that the noise is too loud, which is the difference between personal preferences and concerns.

Loading, launching and rotating the launching tube are completed at one go. See figure above.

The detachable and foldable patent shield is also the standard configuration of the fire line battalion series launcher. Press the red button shown by the arrow to fold and store it on both sides of the gun body. The white part on the front is made of smooth material, which can be used to receive soft bullets fired by opponents.

At first glance, do you think there is something missing in 8 consecutive rounds? By the way, there is no traditional "trigger". Instead of the trigger, pull the handle on the right backward to realize loading and firing and linkage of the launch tube runner.

The exclusive target of the fire line camp with its own back glue can firmly absorb the soft bullet. The firing speed of 8 bursts is not as fast as that of the thunder terminator, and affected by the speed of the launcher when pulling the rod, if you have fast hand speed and pull fast, the firing speed will be faster than others.

With big brother thunder terminator.

Summary: Although the unique launch mechanism of this 8-game pioneer of the fire line battalion is interesting, it also leads to the average accuracy. You can understand the situation when you make up your brain for the launch (pull the pull rod back to load and launch in linkage. At this time, there will be a lateral swing in your hand, which will affect the shooting accuracy), Looking at the moving picture of the target above, you can also find that the trajectory is quite erratic, and the accuracy is too different from that of the thunder terminator. The price of more than 70 yuan at the special price of Haitao can be said to be quite value-added, and the workmanship and coating are also worthy of Mattel. The design of folding shield has been well continued. One problem to be found is that the price of supporting soft bullets is not very close to the people, and the price of 20 rounds of soft bullets is more expensive than the launcher, which is obviously unscientific!