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Carry the battle to the end! Hasbro nerf series toys and practical equipment

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

I know from my previous article that I am a father. After becoming a father, besides thinking about feeding her (you're right, my family is a girl!), Also think about how to take her to play, how to cultivate her practical ability, how to take her to exercise, and so on... Then, I searched hard in the bucket on the Internet and found a toy that can play, exercise and exercise hands-on ability: nerf series Gun Toys produced by Hasbro. Shit! Are you playing for girls? Are you playing for 8-month-old children?

Do you have so many equipment like playing for children
Through learning and communication with local playmates, we purchased two toy guns that are most suitable for entertainment, with small transformation difficulties and most suitable for the end. namely:
Paratrooper: air cylinder driven toy gun. It can be fired continuously after training. The purchase price is 199 (Hasbro store celebration)

STF: electric toy gun driven by flywheel. First open the electric flywheel and then pull the trigger to fire. One shot at a time can realize continuous shooting. The purchase price is 94.5 (a tmall store celebration)

Here are my two toys. Some comrades may think this is for children. I can tell you clearly: wrong! It's a man who feels sorry because he hasn't been a soldier. He'll be a good partner! (of course, you need to find a local team to accompany you)

The paratrooper below and the STF above.

Some friends will ask: why is the one above a toy gun? It's so cute. Isn't it lethal?

That's the key problem you found!

The fundamental reason why childrenbao's nerf series has great playability is that it has many accessories to install and changeable shapes. (realized by purchasing accessories from our factory or a third party) this state on the drawing is because there was a handsome muffler in front of us, but.... Robbed! The fire cap in front of the paratrooper and the butt at the back are accessories, which can be purchased and installed at your own choice.

I choose not to carry out more in-depth shape transformation. (after all, it's not good for toys and other excessive associations, and it's also expensive!)

Some friends will also ask: if the power of this toy gun is small, it's boring, but if it's powerful, what if it hurts people?

Hasbro's nerf series uses special foamed plastic bullets, which limit the impact ability of refitted and refitted bullets. In short, there is some pain when it directly hits the skin in a closer place, but no matter how strong it is, after all, it is the only legal toy gun in China.

In addition, in terms of power, the power of the original factory is indeed a little smaller, which can be suitable for site activities through slight transformation. I'm a novice, so I won't introduce it. Thank a great God for helping me all afternoon.

The picture below shows the magazine and the bullets in it. They are different clips for 6 rounds, 12 rounds and 18 rounds respectively. Orange is the original cartridge clip, transparent is purchased separately for the activity. Generally, 18 rounds of cartridges are required for field activities. The form of the scene and the actual battlefield is actually very similar, and the intensity is also very strong, so the fewer actions like changing the clip, the better. Of course, because toys are much lighter than actual ones after all, this is also the reason why they can carry more.

Here's the really important topic PVP (you know!), I prefer to implicitly call it "field activities". First on the full set of equipment, shock!

The complete set includes four categories: toy gun, cartridge clip, carry on bag and protective equipment. Toy guns and magazines were introduced earlier. Now we will introduce other necessary equipment.

Let's introduce the carry on bag first. I only purchased a basic configuration, a MOLLE belt and a recycling bag. These two professional terms are also recognized after contact.

MOLLE belt has many standard pairs of buckles on it, which can support hanging all kinds of belts, bags and clips (need to be equipped with quick pull box, I don't have it), which is convenient for carrying equipment and articles. At the same time, it can share the load to the waist (the load of toys is small)

Of course, there are more advanced ones, such as MOLLE's vest, which can carry more and more models, but I hope it is smaller, so I have no choice. Most of the other companions choose MOLLE's vest.

There are many other clothes that can be changed. Many military fans like to wear clothes and helmets. It's cool.

The recycling bag can be seen from the above figure that there are many toy bullets in it. yes! Its very important use is to pick up bullets, because toy bullets have cost and need to be recycled. At the same time, in order to protect the site and not pollute the environment. In the middle and at the end of the round, you need to pick up a large number of toy bullets. You can't pick them up by hand, so you need to put the picked up bullets into the recycling bag. Another purpose of the recycling bag is to directly equip the cartridge clip or small toy gun. I put the spare cartridge clip directly into the recycling bag.

For the part of protective equipment, although nerf will not cause human injury, it is still necessary to focus on protecting the face and head for the sake of safety. The above picture is equipped with a duck tongue cap and a metal mask. Neither of these is actually necessary.

The most important thing is that I didn't take pictures. All people with myopia wear glasses. I don't have to buy goggles because I wear glasses. Wearing protective gear has another function to show your style. The above two are the b-grid props worn by my novice.

Finally, I'll show you the field activities. The playing method is CS. It just needs your hands, feet and brain. It's normal to sweat profusely in winter. Because it involves privacy, I didn't show my face. Please forgive me!