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Fulfill the agreement with job explosion and expose my nerf, stryfe and nerf ESC

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

Recently, I saw many people interested in nerf, but there is not much information about nerf on the Internet. Let me make a popular science for you first

The first is the introduction from Wiki:

Nerf (with capital as nerf trademark) is a toy brand owned by Parker Brothers and Hasbro. The meaning of nerf trademark is the abbreviation of "non expanding regenerative foam". Most of the toys launched are all kinds of Non rising sponge based toy guns, but there are also several different types of nerf toys, such as football, basketball, and other sports balls. The most noteworthy thing is the nerf toy bullet gun (HASBRO uses the "gun" as the abbreviation) to shoot the bullet made of Nerf foam. Throughout the 1970s, due to the release of many such toys, nerf products tended to have bright neon colors and soft textures similar to nerf balls. From the 1990s until now, the slogan is "it's nerf or nothing '!".

N-Strike is not only the traditional product line of nerf series, but also a series with more players. The color matching is orange. N-Strike elite (Elite Series) is a new product series launched by Hasbro in 2012. Continuing the classic style of N-Strike, the color matching is changed to white, blue and orange, which has been greatly improved in structure and range. It is suggested that new friends should choose the elite series for better playability.

All right, let's show my guy below!

The box above is the nerf elite quick aiming launcher, commonly known as the avenger, which is the upgraded version of Recon CS-6 exposed by @ professional whistleblowers in the hot wheels l8969 ferocious King Kong scene set + Hasbro nerf CS-6 toy gun. Correct a misunderstanding here. CS-6 means 6-Shot magazine system. It is not the name of the gun. The name of the gun is recon.

The next one is called rapidstrike cs-18. At present, there is no Chinese name.

RS-18 real body, rare goods, open your eyes, American children have not played it.

Below is a popular electric short gun called stryfe

The one on the right is called nerf ESC heavy-duty launcher. It is an artifact of the older generation. It has electric continuous firing and powerful firepower, which is comparable to the RS-18 on the left.

The following is a close-up of the details of the two guns. You can enjoy them

Finally, I'll take a picture of my family and @ professional disclosure. Come and have a look. Kill you! ha-ha

Let's end with a welfare card