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Gel Blaster Gun: Are They Safe For Kids?

by BiuBlaster on August 01, 2023

As a parent, you may know that toys are not merely a plaything for your children. In addition, according to studies toys do have an impact on the development of children. So, you may have thousands of concerns on your mind when you are purchasing toys for the kids. Indeed, you may have never considered purchasing a gel gun blaster for them, is not it? Most parents believe that gel blasters are not appropriate for their kids. With this article, we are gonna dive deep into the facts of the gel gun blaster and find out what lies beneath.

Ge gun blaster is one of the toys that became increasingly popular over these years despite the age. Well, the toy is ideal to make into a new hobby and children can even mimic their favorite characters for imaginative play. No matter how fun and exciting these are, parents tend to shy away from these toys and force their children not to lay their hands on the toy guns. Is there a possibility for your children to become violent because of a mere gun and develop certain personality traits? Surely you must be dying to know the answers to all these questions. After all, your children's lives are at the stake. So, let us stop wasting time and find out whether all of these are facts or fiction.

The dilemma of gel gun blaster

A gel blaster is a toy gun that shoots gel balls. These are not only for kids' play. So, even if you are an adult, you can have fun playing with a gel gun blaster. Guns are generally considered harmless however, there are a few things that parents should keep in their mind.

The first one is that these guns may look very much realistic. When it comes to playing, this sounds amazing, so you have almost real-life experience with them. However, what will happen if our children brought one to a public place? Since these look very much closer to the real thing, it won't end in peace if your child points the gun at a stranger in public. So, make sure to advise your kids and play in places where such issues will not arise. You can take them to a shooting range or play them in your backyard.

Another safety concern is the protection of children. When the children play and shoot around, the gel balls won't cause any harm. However, what happened if they aim at the eye? Since gel balls will spring at a high speed, it may cause injury to the eye. So, the best way to prevent such things is to wear safety garments, especially eye protection. In addition, make sure to convey to your children not to aim the gel gun blaster at the face.

Do toy guns make children violent: fact or fiction?

Image for kids playing with a gel blaster gun

All these years, there is a huge debate about letting children play with toy guns. Well, some parents believe that children will become aggressive and less sensitive due to toy guns. So, they will most likely avoid toy guns at all costs. Well, what is the truth?

According to a study, it is been revealed that there is no correlation between aggression and playing with toy guns. So, if you feel insecure about your children playing with toy guns, you do not have to be. Well, if you still feel like it is a fact and not one of the misconceptions, check the facts prior to purchasing. This is not the only one as there are more popular misconceptions around toy guns for kids.

Things to consider for choosing the best gel gun blaster for kids

If you are considering buying a gel blaster gun for your children, there are a few things you should consider prior to purchasing them. The children may be stubborn and throw a tantrum to buy a toy gun. Make sure to consider the factors mentioned below in order to choose their toys wisely.

Image for a kid with having a toy gun in hand

1. Appropriate Age

Not only for gel blaster guns but also for any other toys, there is an appropriate age. The gel blaster gun is not appropriate for children who are under 12 years of age. Well, this can depend on the model you are purchasing. If you do not know the appropriate age, check the label to make sure or ask the vendor.

2. What ammunition to choose?

Did you consider what ammunition will be the ideal one? Well, if you intend to go with a gel blaster gun, they have gel balls as ammunition. These are toxic-free and biodegradable which makes them a great addition to your kids' toys collection. In addition, these gel balls are less expensive too.

3. Budget

No matter how many toys you will purchase, your children will outgrow them quickly and discard them. So, it is not wise to spend too much on toys. At the same time, the quality of the gel blaster gun matters so they will last long. Thus, make sure to check quality along with the budget.

4. Size of the gun

One of the main factors to consider is the weight of the gel blaster gun. In short, your children should be able to bear the weight of the toy gun that you choose. If the weight is too much for them, they will be tired of holding it after a few minutes and will not find the toy to be comfortable. So, make sure to check the weight of the toy gun blaster for the convenience of the children.

5. Addition features

In addition, to the above features, you should consider the durability, quality, and uses of the toy gun. For instance, some toy guns have a safety switch. So, you can turn it off when you are not using the toy gun. Moreover, make sure to let your children play under your supervision.

Since you had read all the above information, you may know that there are no safety concerns when it comes to playing with a gel blaster gun. However, make sure to purchase the toy gun, which is appropriate for the given age. Luckily, we know where to find the best toy guns for your children.