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Hasbro Hasbro nerf elite series Avenger long-range quick sight transmitter (orange machine) drying list

by 虎徽 潘 on February 21, 2022

Hasbro, as a toy brand with a long history in the United States, is widely used by children (and big friends) all over the world It is sought after by the world's toy industry giant. Nerf, as its brand, may not have such a great reputation. To be honest, I didn't know this brand before. However, a few days ago, I wandered in smzdm and saw this link. It happened that the children of my colleagues were looking for toy guns and decided to buy them:

Lala ~ let's start drying:


Close up the clip:

The bullets lined up...

Family portraits:


Conclusion: in fact, there is nothing to summarize... After all, it's just a small object. After arriving, he fired several rounds. The trajectory was very straight and the range was really far. However, this product is just a toy. Its performance is not very important. The most important thing is that the children have a good time.