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High temperature warning! 14 water blasters are recommended, starting from 8.8 yuan. It's time to play with my little sister!

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

Summer has arrived. Will the summer vacation be far behind? Although the children have just started school, they will have a holiday soon. Traveling and playing water must be the first choice for many families. It's also a good choice for the little brother who is busy in the workplace all day to take his little sister to the water park for a happy weekend. Today, the weather station issued a high-temperature warning for three consecutive days. It is really a fire from the body to the heart! Xiaobian also quickly took out water gun toys to cool everyone down ~

Water gun, I remember when I was a child, I called it water gun. When it comes to traditional water gun, I can't mention the inventor of water gun, African American Ronnie Johnson, a toy inventor "delayed" by NASA. It's obvious that people can not only play, but also be very powerful. History and people and things can encyclopedia by themselves. I won't post him, but I'll talk about water gun. Before talking about style, Release a warm reminder: (remind all friends who want to play with water guns or buy water guns for their children to pay attention to safety. First, the playing place must be in the seaside, water park and other designated areas. Second, although the water guns are relatively safe, children still need to use them under the supervision of adults. Third, face shooting is prohibited. Friends who decide to participate in water shooting games must be careful Wear safety equipment such as goggles.)

Children's water gun series:
  Net red backpack water gun

At first, the backpack water gun was a toy that imitated the firefighter's backpack fire extinguishing system. In order to be more in line with the identity of children, it was changed into a small schoolbag with its own water tank, which is convenient for continuous output and operation. The strap can be adjusted. Generally, the length can be adjusted according to the baby's figure. I always think this is not based on the evolution of firefighters' equipment, but the device that our farmer uncle used to pesticide the fruit trees. The left hand pressurized right hand spray, the rhythm is such a bared, two bared high temperature warning. 14 water gun toys are recommended, starting from 8.8 yuan. It's time to play with my little sister! ~ 


Needle barrel drawing tubular water gun

The essence of this water pipe is a large syringe, which sprays water through pulling and pressurizing. In fact, it is the same principle as the air pump of the tire. The water storage is relatively small, but it is really simple and durable. If you can pump water and launch infinitely in the swimming pool, but the disadvantage is that the water column is basically scattered flowers, but scattering is a group of injuries to AOE. Is there wood or wood?

Pull mini water spray gun

This water gun can be described as a baby bathing artifact. What if the baby doesn't like bathing? You can try to buy one or two. The baby may fall in love with bathing. The principle is the same as the pulling water gun, but this kind of water pressure is smaller and the size is smaller.

Draw type space gun water gun

This style has a very loud point, that is, the trigger is fake and can't move. You need to pull the gold at the butt of the gun to spray water. The advantage may be that the shape is handsome and has a sense of science and technology, and the price is relatively low.

Two in one double water gun

This style includes two modes: one is to launch super soft foam soft bombs, the other is to pour water into the water column. Two shots at once, so I admire the current designers.

Wrist (wristband) water gun

I always feel whether the invention and design of this equipment can learn from spider man's spider silk launcher. The advantages and disadvantages of this water gun are also obvious. The appearance is online, easy to carry, concealed, high temperature early warning! 14 water gun toys are recommended, starting from 8.8 yuan. It's time to play with my little sister, The disadvantages are also very intuitive, and the water storage is relatively inferior to other styles.

Ordinary trigger water gun

The conventional water gun was also used when we were young. The shape may be innovative, but it is still the original formula, with moderate water storage and certain endurance. Simply store water and pull the trigger. The simplest operation and the happiest experience are Muyou ~

If the water guns in front are more suitable for children, adults can still enjoy the fun of childhood. These water guns are more high-end than those of children.

Youth & Adult water gun

We have found 7 kinds of water gun styles suitable for "big children". I won't introduce them one by one. There are all the details on the page. Each name is crazy and cool. Friends who like it can go to know it by themselves. The main difference lies in the shape, grip posture, water pressure, water storage, range and so on. Take Hasbro, a big brand, as an example to list these popular styles: