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How to Store Gel Balls Properly?

by BiuBlaster on March 26, 2024

The way to store your gel balls.

It is a general concept, that gel balls from specific companies have specific conditions and storage requirements, and users should properly read the manual or instructions provided by the manufacturers.
However, according to general practices, it is recommended to rinse the gel balls with running tap water, and they can even be placed in the meshed strainer.
The tap water should be pure, and the contact of gel balls with any kind of detergent, soap, or shampoo should be avoided.
These substances have specific chemicals that may be harmful to these gel balls.

Use of Fresh and Contamination Free Water 

Gel balls should only be stored in fresh and soft water, as this water is free from carbonates, bicarbonates, chlorides, sulfates, and other chemical impurities.

If gel balls have any kind of interaction with hard water, then these toxic chemical compounds will negatively affect the gel balls. As the result, their nature will be destroyed, and they will no longer be able to perform the desired purpose. Once their nature is spoiled due to any kind of mismanagement, their functionality will never be regained. 


Better Consistency by Optimal Storage Conditions 

Gel balls can be stored in water and can be kept either in the refrigerator or outside the refrigerator.

By storing water, gel balls will last for a longer time. They will not be getting soft after some time in the water and their consistency will be the same. The best results can be obtained by storing gel balls in the distilled water.

Distilled water is pure and there is no presence of impurities, so a better consistency is guaranteed by storing in the distilled water. 

If a pinch of salt is added to the water, the life of gel balls can be significantly increased. Lighter gel balls can be stored in the hot water, and cold water should be used for storing heavy gel balls.

The storage water should be free from chemicals and other hazardous substances. These chemicals will directly affect the texture and structure of gel balls.

Also, these should not be placed in direct sunlight or any extreme weather or environment. 


Storage in Optimum Environment

If the gel balls are not properly stored, they get messy and are degenerated in only a few hours.

Due to the impact of external environmental conditions, they are evaporated in less time. The gel balls are very sensitive to the environmental changes due to the nature of the material used for their manufacturing.

The direct sunlight and freezing action in the winter season may cause their degradation and resultantly they will perform their function properly. 


Water Soaking 

Soaking the gel balls in water is the best way for their storage, but it is necessary to note that the storage water should be fresh and there should be no presence of any kind of contamination.

For long term storage gel balls should be stored in the sealed boxes and depending on the storage time and conditions, they can be kept in the fridge.

It is always a good step to keep the gel balls soaked in water. If there is any laziness to maintain the water level, then gel balls will be getting shrink. 


Water and Cleanliness Requirement 

There is no need to get worried if the gel balls are shrunken upon soaking in the water they will regrow most efficiently.

Although, regrowth is observed their hardness will not be the same and will be regained at the same level. For storage of 10,000 balls, 3 liters of water are required.

Generally, there is a need to keep an eye on the water level, and it should be ensured that gel balls are continuously soaked in the clean water. In some cases, there may be a blockage, so for avoiding this problem, the container should be cleaned after removing all the balls and water from it.


Storage Containers for Gel Balls 

Gel balls can be stored in the bottles of soft drinks and can be loaded in these bottles by using 3D nozzles.

Milk bottles of 2L are also a great option to store the gel balls. Some people have reported their storage in ice cream containers and tubs as well that can be later transported to the esky.

Any kind of strainer can be used for removing the water before using a funnel for speeding up the loader. Gel balls can be stored in the airtight containers for about 4 months and in some situations, it can be extended to even more. 

An eski is also a perfect companion for storing the gel balls. Gel balls should never be stored in the freezer as it may cause the exploding of the barrel. Never add any dishwashing liquid or lubricant in the storage water, otherwise, it will cause significant damage to the blaster internals.

The blaster should not be displayed in the public as the general public does not know about its nature. They should be kept safe for gaming days and private property.  

If the gel balls are getting cloudy, they should be immediately removed from the container and by using a large colander or strainer. As the gel balls are very bouncy so they should be carefully drawn out for this purpose. There is a specific time limit for storage of gel balls if they are getting much dirty, then they should not be stored for longer periods, and should be disposed of. The flushing of gel balls in the drain is not recommended as it may cause blockage of the sewerage system. 


Nature of Containers for Storage of Gel Balls 

People may also use some plastic material such as Ziploc, Rubbermaid, and Glad for their storage. According to the availability of budget and material, any of these can be used for storing the gel balls. However, it is necessary to ensure that there is no contamination from outer sources, as it may affect the functionality and strength of gel balls. Gel balls are sensitive, and once degenerated they will never regain their original strength and hardness. So, to get efficient results, the gel balls should only be stored according to the recommended way and instructions of manufacturers should be properly followed.