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Magnetic splicing toy blaster--- a toy with high playability, I can't help it! Recommended to you!

by 虎徽 潘 on October 14, 2021

A few days ago, my aunt said that the child was out grabbing guns from others, and the only pistol in the family was broken! I searched online, looking for a gun that won't break! Accidentally found that a friend recommended a magnetic splicing toy gun! I looked it up, and it feels ok! I just bought one, and when I saw a message saying that the magnetic force was not enough, I hesitated. You know, they don't sell accessories separately, but they finally started!

I found a cheaper brand: Chuangfa Toys! Taobao took a look at the cheapest one of the same brand, with a projection, and a variety of splicing lines, the price is 86 yuan! Did not buy in the flagship store!

Let's talk about the advantages first:

1. It can be spliced, and the playability is very high. I can't put it down. It won't fall off without a magnet!

2. The workmanship is worthy of the price, and the material is also thick, but I estimate that within a week of my son's hand, there must be some components broken.

3. The sound is not too loud, children will not be annoying, my son is the kind of child who is sensitive to loud volume!

4. With projection! There are several kinds of animals!

5. You can use soft bullets to practice shooting (don't teach children to hit others, other parents will be angry if they are dangerous)

6. Two guns can be combined, one with sound and one without sound, Laozi and son can fight the world together! Or the grandfathers do it against each other!

The small ones below can launch soft bombs, which are quite powerful, remember!

There are also disadvantages:

1. There are only a few kinds of sound effects, which are relatively simple, and may be annoying after a long time!

2. Unfortunately, without charging, it is troublesome to replace the battery, and it is also a waste. Renovate it later! The battery card slot is fixed with screws, which is inconvenient! Maybe it's because I'm afraid that the child will get some, in fact, there are already other card slot designs, so the cover will not be easily lost!

3. There are only a few types of projections, and they are also very blurry! It may be necessary to change the magnifying glass. There are many scratches on the magnifying glass. This accessory is not easy to find! The projection is only within two meters, and only one meter away! Otherwise it is not clear!

about two meters away


one meter distance

less than 0.5 meters away

4. I will look for other shortcomings!

All devices


I tried it with soft bullets, it's ok!


In addition to the gun body, the other two groups

This is the 76 splicing method provided by the manufacturer!


Because it felt that the suction might not be enough and it was easy to fall off, I took it apart and added a magnet! Later I found out that it doesn't work!


The place where the magnet is added can be added to the large gun body, otherwise other components will be wasted! After adding it, I feel that the suction is still larger, and it is not easy to fall off.

All in all, it's worth buying! In fact, if the combination of guns and guns can be more perfect! Buy two more to fight! Recommended for you who are still short of guns at home!

By the way, the child didn't eat the food without letting go, so I beat him! I ended up crying!