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Make a chicken eating hero - Uzi building block

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

This is also something during the Chinese New Year. I've been too lazy to send it. I sent it to wandering earth, airports and space centers before. This time it's different. My son likes to play chicken eating very much. My son calls chicken eating game great Xia, so he bought him a building block of Uzi submachine gun. He was very excited when he saw it. We still cooperated to assemble it.

All the building blocks are not too many, 359, which is acceptable. In this assembly, I will sort out all the parts to make it easy to find, especially many small parts, and put them on a small plate.

My son continued his enthusiasm for three minutes and ran away after a few spells. I was left to fight urgently.

The signal of wandering the earth was strong before, and I was deeply disgusted with the drawing. This time, the drawing of two guns is good, with different colors. It looks much more pleasing to the eye. It was really eye-consuming before. Moreover, the one assembled in the previous step and this step are the same color, which is difficult to distinguish and misspelled many times. This drawing is much easier to identify. There is also a website at the back of the manual. You can log in to the website to download various manuals. If you have enough parts, you can assemble them according to the downloaded instructions.

Assemble according to the steps. The first is the gun body, and there is an internal structure inside. Because bullets can be fired, the internal structure part must be assembled carefully, otherwise it will be troublesome to disassemble if there is a problem.

There are not many steps, and the building blocks are unique, so it's still very fast to spell.

The assembly of this Uzi is relatively compact. It won't be loose after assembly. There's no need to worry about parts falling off when children play with it.

Arcuate loading at the top

After the assembly, this is the assembled appearance. It's really similar to the real object. Bullets can be stored in a magazine and can be put together on a grab

Shuangying has other toy gun styles, but there are many at home. I'm not going to buy any more. I'd better download some instructions and let my son learn to spell it by himself.