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On behalf of the moon to destroy you: ten ring Club sponge bullet toy gun experience

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

Take this treasure land to recommend your own clothes once again, which have passed the drying sheet paste: imperial life necessities: sha

The principle I adhere to is "drying the list is drying the experience, not just the unpacking map!"

The product of this issue is the safety toy "ten ring club" sponge cotton gun.

1、 Cause of drying list

This Thursday, I took my man Bao to Xinye square to play with the sand and found that there was a test firing experience of "Hasbro Hasbro nerf" soft rubber bullet gun. Originally, each Xiaobao could only experience five bullets, just in time for the merchant to get off work and there was no special person to manage it. Xiaobao came to a special shooting session. Xiaobao had a lot of fun.

2、 Discover the collection

This reminds me that I bought a similar toy gun at a Lego and Fisher toy sale on Guanghua Road last December. Before, because the baby was still young, I didn't take it out to play. No, I found it for him as soon as I came home, and he couldn't bear to put it down.

The purchase price of the toy gun is 30 yuan. This product is not found on B2C. It is only sold on Taobao, and there are not many sellers. There is no link here. You can automatically search "love toy gun" or "ten ring club" / "ten ring club"

3、 Gun and use photos

Front of package

Back of package


Gun instructions

Package other sides

Inner packaging (five rounds with the gun, a total of five rounds)

Gun pictures

Handheld close-up

(the four small round holes in the figure below are bullet storage positions and cannot be fired)

Pop up (pull the red upper cover backward)

Xiao Bao plays happily

play cool

Aim carefully


Suction experience (on the roof, covered by some words worth buying, please read them carefully)

(suction air conditioner)

(on suction door)

Xiaobao's innovative playing method (car drill pipe)

Lifting (baby's barb engineering car - Roddy also came to join the fun)

4、 Product experience

1. Design

Fashionable appearance, moderate size, beautiful color matching and reliable structure (the baby has fallen several times, but it hasn't broken).

There is a slight problem in the design of the trigger. When the trigger rebounds, it sometimes pinches the hand, but the degree is light and will not hurt the hand. Pay attention to the position of holding the trigger, which can be solved by a little lower.

The strength of the spring is a little big for the baby, which needs the help of parents. At this point, Hasbro Hasbro nerf does a good job, and the baby can pull.

The effective flight distance of the bullet is 5 to 6 meters, which is much closer than that of Hasbro Hasbro nerf, but as a general entertainment, it is also enough.

2. Workmanship

The workmanship is quite meticulous. The corners are rounded where the hands can touch. Except for the burrs that can be seen in some screw openings (but can't be touched by hands), the fitting parts of all parts are very good.

3. Gun body material

The selection of plastic raw materials is good, and the texture and color are very positive.

4. Sponge bullet

It's super light, super soft and can be bent 180 degrees. There's no hard place on the bullet body. It won't hurt people or leave traces on the items in the room, but it's hard to say whether it will hurt the eyes. It's recommended to guide the baby to form the habit that the muzzle is not facing people from the beginning.

When the bullet is pushed into the muzzle, unlike the in place feedback clearly displayed in "Hasbro Hasbro nerf", it can only push inward as far as possible. One of the five bullets with the gun can not obtain normal thrust even if it is pushed in place. The flight distance is relatively close or the flight is relatively weak, so it can not be absorbed on the target object.

The suction and workmanship of the warhead suction cup are good, and can be normally adsorbed on plane objects such as walls, refrigerators, doors and windows.

5、 Overall evaluation

It can afford the price of about 30 yuan. It is a high-quality domestic product. Netizens with men's treasure at home are worth a try. It is suitable for parent-child competition between parents and children, and does not need a large venue. They can play against the wall, glass, refrigerator and other items.

Thank you for watching. See you next time!
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