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Poor loser on nerf's money saving playing method and simple transformation

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

When winter comes, the bear children at home play with iPads in their beds every day. It's not a thing. The entertainment facilities in the nearby indoor pedestrian street are too money grabbing. After spending more than one amusement park card, I decided not to buy this kind of entertainment for my children. What can play for fitness and entertainment? Suddenly thought of nerf at the bottom of the box.

One year ago, I went into nerf's pit and bought three cannons for night patrol and three cannons for revenge. They are all entry-level young toy guns. At present, what children can occasionally take out are three cannons for night patrol and night patrol.

Night patrol is a primary entry-level gun. Because there are more red dot sights below, it is suitable for children who can't aim;

It can be used as a cool weapon to play with a 4-year-old child. It can also be used as a cool weapon to play with an adult.

Although these guns are relatively entry-level, they have a great advantage, but they have a great advantage, but they have a great advantage - they can be compatible with nerf's viscous soft shells.

So another collocation came on. How can loser be without decathlon? Decathlon stick target throwing

This combination is n times stronger than nerf's original interceptor suction cup set, and the viscous soft projectile has wind resistance, streamlined shape and higher accuracy. Moreover, it can throw the ball alone even without playing with the gun. The child played happily for a long time. But it's Christmas recently. I'm going to give my children some professional nerf. Recently, I found a 12 shot compatible magazine while wandering on Taobao.

This is a domestic gun magazine imitating the elite night patrol. After reading the introduction of the items, it is said that it can be compatible with nerf after transformation. Therefore, it is interesting to be a white mouse. It only needs 10 yuan. There is another artifact to order together:

The butt of the gun is suitable for electric guns, especially dead pullers. It is retractable, but after it is installed, it can't be aimed mechanically, so it needs a sight. Just 22

Well, all need to be transformed, so don't bother. Let's go together. The cowboy is very busy.

Hasbro-a0713 long-range quick aiming, commonly known as "revenge", is a nerf with mixed reputation. Its advantages are cheap, accurate and powerful after transformation. After entering the pit, nerf used 68 yuan to collect the revenge removed from other people's suit, and has been lying quietly at the bottom of the box. The original ammunition is a failure, the magazine is too small and the original support is too short, It proved that this gun did nothing in the hands of most people. Today, it made a grand debut as the protagonist.

The tool in my hand is zhuomei 3000 small electric motorcycle. I, Xiaobai, tried violent transformation for the first time. Please see the beauty. Please feel free to give advice.

The first part to be modified is the bulge under the magazine slot of revenge. It's like this to install the original magazine. It fits perfectly.

However, the design of domestic compatible magazine is too * * and can't be loaded directly after buying it. (dead drag man can be perfect and practical)

It was the bulge at the lower part of the magazine bin that was resisted by the ecstatic floating point of the domestic magazine. A total of four magazines were bought. The transformation needed more energy than the transformation of the gun body, so we decided to use a knife on the gun body.

At the beginning of cutting, although the power of Zhuomi 3000 is not too large, it is still easy to deal with plastic. With the rotation of the grinding wheel, plastic chips continue to fly out, and the temperature is not low. Occasionally, you will feel a little hot. Therefore, if you transform, you must remember to wear goggles, goggles and goggles. Third gear speed, cut off the bulge on one side.

Do the same for the other side. After cutting, don't forget to tidy the cutting surface to make it flat. too horrible to look at.

The modification of the magazine is completed. The domestic magazine can be clamped freely in the revenge magazine magazine. There is no sign of jamming. There are occasional smelly bullets, which may be related to the slightly tight spring of the domestic magazine.

The second part to be reformed is the butt part. The two domestic general-purpose butts purchased this time, one of which is allocated to the a0711 assault launcher bought by Shuangxi, known as the "dead drag husband", has perfect bite and easy loading and unloading. But manual gun revenge is not so simple. Because revenge has a convex part, the special butt of the electric gun can't be used at all.

I haven't disassembled the nerf gun before, I don't know much about the structure, and I haven't seen their disassembly tutorial, so I opened it carefully and studied it. This convex part protects something similar to the push rod. When it is loaded, the orange push rod will stretch out by about 5cm. The convex part mainly protects the push rod. But it seems that as long as the push rod is not stuck, it can be installed or not. So I decided to take revenge.

There is no place where the push rod stays at the interface of the butt. You can drill and dig holes directly. Remember to polish the two injection holes inside the butt, otherwise you still can't play. In the figure below, the push out hole can be vaguely seen at the inner position of the punched hole.

Final results

On my last trial video, ugly and not afraid to be on the camera.

Revenge with buttstock obviously improves the loading speed and accuracy. It is suggested to add laser aiming or inner red. With the dead husband's two brothers.

Total price vengeance 68, dead drag husband double 11 price 108, two magazines 20 and two gun butts 44 total 240. It's ugly, but it's very practical (Diao) with (SI) configuration.

Finally, the unknown lights have to go on the stage.


Yongnuo magic lamp, YN300 second generation, with remote control, two-color lamp beads without flicker, color temperature adjustable, lumen, I don't know, but I know to kill eight 30W energy-saving lamps on my roof. It only needs 220, which is suitable for camera lighting without hot boots, nex5, rx100, GM1, etc.