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Toy bubble blaster / machine purchase guide! An article takes you into the children's dream bubble world!

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

1、 Origin and principle of bubble blowing

The most cherished childhood is always the one without electricity. Three playmates, a swing, a few grasshoppers and a bottle of bubble water made by ourselves are enough for us to run in sweat all day! Blowing bubbles is the memory of countless people's childhood. When they stir the soap and washing powder at home and tie the straw into a circle, they simply blow up a series of bubbles, leaving laughter all the way. When the light passes through the soap bubble film, the top and bottom of the film will refract and reflect colorful luster, so that children can see the dreamlike scene.

Generally speaking, bubble water is formed by mixing various solutions to improve the surface tension of water. Due to the increase of water tension, the mutual traction force existing inside and perpendicular to the contact surface of two adjacent parts under the action of tension. These water molecules are like being stuck together. The mutual attraction between water molecules on the water surface is greater than that between water molecules and air, because soap and other solutions "break" the surface tension of water, On the line, colorful bubbles are formed. Generally speaking, reducing the surface tension to only 1 / 3 of that under normal conditions is the best tension required for blowing bubbles.

Making bubble water is actually to break the water surface tension and achieve the best balance. For making bubble water, you can refer to this article of our duty friend to explore how to make a bubble that is not easy to break.

2、 What are the precautions for playing bubble water

Although bubble water is good-looking, fun and deeply loved by children, it also exposed endless negative news and once became a toy for parents to doubt and worry. In fact, as long as you have a good idea of the following precautions, you should be able to minimize the risk. Instead of worrying too much, why not give your child a colorful and happy childhood?

1. Buy bubble water toys produced by regular and well-known manufacturers.

2. Children under the age of three are not suitable for all kinds of bubble toys

3. Pay attention to the production date, see whether the bubble water is expired, pay attention to the ingredients, and avoid buying products containing glycerol, syrup, methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and other substances.

4. Smell it. If there is fragrance, it looks like color. It is easy to be mistaken for a drink by children. It should be placed in a place that is not easy for children to obtain at home. When playing, you should follow the children closely and remind children not to eat it as a drink.

5. When playing with a pistol style soap bubble toy, teach children not to point at other people's faces, otherwise it is easy to hurt others' eyes and increase the chance of others' skin and eyes contacting the solution.

6. Avoid the source of fire, because if your bubble is made of soapy water and glycerin, these chemicals can be ignited in case of fire. Soap is the product of the interaction between animal and vegetable oils and bases. The main component is sodium stearate. When the bubble blows, sodium stearate and glycerol form the outer wall of the bubble, and the bubble is wrapped with a large amount of air. When encountering an open fire, the outer wall of the bubble will burn up, and then burn through quickly under the action of oxygen.

7. The soap bubble solution should be used up as soon as possible after opening, and children should be reminded to wash their hands as soon as possible after playing with soap bubble toys.

Since the risks are basically focused on bubble liquid, it is a safer choice to prepare a healthy bubble liquid. Here is also a production guide, which you can refer to:

[Formula 1]

1. Pour 250ml boiling water into a cup and put it into a bag to make black tea;

2. Add 1-2 spoons of sugar into the empty cup, pour in some detergent, pour in tea and stir with chopsticks.

Features: the bubbles blown with this kind of bubble water are large and not easy to break.

[Formula 2] 1. Cut the soap into small slices, put it in a cup, and pour 250ml of hot water to dissolve the soap slices.

2. Then add an appropriate amount of granulated sugar and a bag of black tea into the cup, cover it and place it overnight.

Features: health and environmental protection, foaming effect is very ideal.

[Formula 3] 2 parts of detergent + 2 parts of shampoo (or hand sanitizer) + 4 parts of water + 1 part of glue. After mixing evenly, add a little sugar, and the bubbles can be blown very large.

If you want to add color, you can add juice! A little bit. The bubbles will be very beautiful.

3、 Recommendation of famous brands of bubble machine / gun

1、 Gazillion

There are few well-known brands of bubble gun, and gazillion is undoubtedly a well-known one. Gazillion is a famous brand of professional bubble water toys in the world. It has a "unique" formula of non-toxic gazillion bubble water, which changes a colorful bubble world for children of all ages year after year. The bubble machine toys produced by the company can blow 500 bubbles per minute. There are three shapes, which are very cute. Gazillion claims that the ingredients of its bubble liquid are very safe. It is 100% pure natural. It uses soap horn formula. It has also obtained the certification of EU CE and EN71. It is very safe and will not stimulate the baby's delicate skin. The price is about 100 yuan.

Different types can also create different effects. The world of dreams bubbles, once tiktok.2. Disney bubble gun series

There are too many Disney branded toys. There are a lot of search keywords in a treasure search, but it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. The quality of Disney's bubble machine in Shanghai or Hong Kong is fairly good, especially the unique copyright and various cartoon character shapes are definitely more * *. Unfortunately, there seems to be no channel for e-commerce to buy. There are some purchasing agents on a treasure. I don't know whether they are true or false.

The most remarkable feature of Disney series bubble machine is the shape. No matter boys, girls, adults and children, they can choose their favorite cartoon characters in it, including toy story, Steve, star wars, Cinderella, ice and snow, Mickey Mouse. The level is not poor, and the price is also very expensive, about 90-120. It can be regarded as paying for feelings!

3、Early Learning Center

Early learning center is a famous early childhood education toy company in the UK. It is well known in the UK and sold all over the world. The bubble gun produced by their company is similar to several types of gazillion in the United States in both shape and mode. It seems that Shanzhai exists all over the world. The principle is also very simple, that is, use the small fan inside to rotate instead of blowing!

4、Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is a well-known brand of infant toys in the United States. Based on high standards of safety and playability, Melissa & Doug designs different types of toys and games for children aged 0 ~ 8 years. The types of toys are more traditional.

5. Bread Superman bubble gun

Bread Superman is the most recognizable cartoon character in Japan. This bubble machine is also full of creativity. The baby can use this bread Superman bubble machine to paint on the gun, change the pattern and even directly print the bread Superman pattern. The nozzle is divided into big holes, big holes and small holes. However, it seems that it has been discontinued. The Po owner searched for a long time and didn't find the link.

6. Tiffany bubble blowing toy

Yes, you're right. This bubble blowing toy is worth 2250 yuan. It's just silver! The simplest original shape!!!! Ah, who can buy a list?

4、 Brief comments on several bubble machines

1. Blowing bubble water

Product Name: blowing bubble water

Main function: Retro toys

Recommendation Index: not recommended

The simplest bubble water toy was once a popular toy in the 1970s and 1980s. However, with the lower and lower cost of electric toys, this kind of bubble water toy almost withdrew from the stage of history. Because it is used to blow bubbles, it is still very worrying in terms of safety.

2. Hand held bubble water

Product Name: Sword type hand-held bubble toy

Main function: make a big bubble

Recommendation Index: ★★


Hand held bubble water, whether offline or offline, is a popular type of bubble toys. The price of a few dollars and good bubble effect are almost one for every child visiting the park. Because it is hand-held, the safety will be better than blowing directly with the mouth. However, the too long sword handle is not suitable for too young children. However, parents can play, and children can only chase bubbles freely.

This kind of hand-held bubble water mostly adopts such an extensible and deformable design, and the zigzag surrounding can help condense bubbles.

The size of opening and closing can also be convenient to control the size of bubbles when playing, and the effect is good.

When playing in the park or scenic spot, this hand-held bubble gun can also become a sharp tool for taking photos all the time, and instantly create a bubble dream world.

3. Gun type automatic bubble machine

Product Name: gun type bubble toy

Main function: electric voice, cheap price

Recommendation Index: ★★

This kind of bubble toy with similar domestic gun shape has been bought most for his son. It is bought offline and online, with different shapes, but the overall model is the same, and the price ranges from a few yuan to nearly 100 yuan.

As a whole, this kind of bubble machine is made into the shape of pistol. Children need to pull the trigger to launch bubbles. There is still a gap between a few yuan and tens of yuan in workmanship, but it is not far from the actual use effect.

The disadvantage of the toy of this design is that the bubble outlet is not closed, which is easy to block or drip bubble liquid. It can be used at the beginning. After using it for several times, it will fail to make bubbles and drip bubble water, which still has a certain potential safety hazard

Although the shortcomings exist objectively, I can't stand it. Every time I go to various classics, I will buy one for my son. It's better to take photos when playing at one time.

4. Buzz Lightyear electric bubble machine

Product Name: Buzz Lightyear bubble launcher

Main functions: light emitting, electric foaming

Recommendation Index: ★★★★

▲ different from the branded Disney products on the market, the whole version of Disney products sold in Disneyland have a good workmanship and reputation. This Buzz Lightyear bubble gun is loved by his son with its excellent appearance design and good spraying function. It has become a very popular presence in various parks. The original price is 120 yuan. You can get a 60% discount from your friends in Disney, The starting price is 72 yuan, which is slightly expensive, but it is still much better than the original price.

▲ in terms of character modeling and details, this bubble gun perfectly restores the image of Buzz Lightyear in toy story. The workmanship is meticulous, the details are exquisite, and the head carving looks full of details. Even if it is usually placed at home, it is a good toy decoration.

▲ small holes in the head are designed to avoid the outflow of bubble liquid. Unscrewing the legs is the container for bubble liquid. Compared with the traditional bubble gun, it has stronger sealing and is not easy to leak.

▲ the switch on the side is divided into three gears, off, push up to add bubbles to the light, and push down to single light. Button on the right arm, lrser key can also turn on the laser button. When the bath Lightyear bubble gun is opened statically, you can see that the bubbles are sprayed evenly, and the volume of the bubbles is small, but the number is large and the durability is strong.

▲ it is also convenient for the baby to hold, but the overall weight is still a little heavy, and it is difficult to play for a long time. But the cool appearance and spraying effect will attract the attention of many children and parents every time they go out. It's really amazing!

5. Star Wars electric bubble machine

Product Name: Darth Vader tie bubble launcher

Main functions: light emitting, sound making, electric bubble making

Recommendation Index: ★★★

▲ this Star Wars Darth Vader bubble launcher comes from the same door as bath Lightyear. They are all products of Disneyland. The price is also 120 yuan. After discount, it is 72 yuan. The overall shape reproduces the shape of the advanced titanium fighter in Star Wars, which is suitable for boys

▲ this Star Wars Darth Vader bubble launcher comes from the same door as bath Lightyear. They are all products of Disneyland. The price is also 120 yuan. After discount, it is 72 yuan. The overall shape reproduces the shape of the advanced titanium fighter in Star Wars, which is suitable for boys

▲ the excellent appearance is still a sharp tool to attract eyes in communities and parks! It's just too heavy for the baby to hold for a long time.