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What is a Gel Blaster?

by BiuBlaster on August 05, 2022

What is a Gel Blaster Orbeez Toy Gun? Is it worth it?

    For the people first time get in touch with the gel blaster toy gun, this artilcle would be useful for you guys. The gel blaster (or gel gun, orbeez gun, splatter blaster, gel ball blaster) is a kind of toy gun device that very similar to paintball and airsoft guns or nerf. The same common point is that they are all toy guns, but gel ball blasters shot water-absorbent sodium polyacrylate, which are also frequently called water beads, or gel balls, orbeez.

   The common use for the gel blaster is for in activities similar to paintball skirmish and laser tag. Besides, it's an ideal gift for kids too.
here is a photo of a classic mag fed type gel blaster:
uzi orbeez gel gun

What ammo does gel blaster use?

   If you know about orbeez then you will easily understand that these gel balls are water-saturated balls just like orbeez. Gel balls are supersaturated absorbent when it is placed in water it grows their volume 100 times more.

  Usually gel balls size are 7-8mm for the gel gun, other size includes from 6mm up to 13mm.

  Unlike the pellets that airsoft uses or paintball ammo, gel balls are way more delicate and fragile

  The gel beads are also very cheap, easily transported in packets and only require soaking in water for a few hours prior to playing. Another feature is the ease of cleaning, since the gel balls are made up of water in over 98% of mass and volume, and will break upon impact and simply dehydrate into tiny biodegradable slush powder fragments afterwards.

This is a vid on how to grow gel ball beads:


What does a gel blaster do and How does it work?

  The Gel Blaster can shot gel balls. The gel balls, you need to put gel balls in a bottle, soaking it for about 3-4 hours for a full grown up. Simply to say, the gel ball blasters compress the air into the piston tube, providing enough energy to fire the water beads out.

Here is a simple illustration on how the gel blaster gearbox to propel gellets.

gel blaster gearbox movement

The general design of gel ball blasters is very similar to airsoft, usually comprising a coil spring-loaded piston air pump, with a T-piece ahead of the pump outlet to feed gel beads. The spring-piston pump is either manually cocked (like a spring-piston gun) or more commonly driven by an electric motor-gearbox assembly powered by batteries (mostly identical to airsoft automatic electric guns (AEG)).
Whilst the pressure output is identical to most airsoft guns via the use of compressed air, the uneven spherical shape, less weight and greater size of the projectile results in lower muzzle velocity than most airsoft guns. This nature of the gel ball external and terminal ballistics make them much safer to play with (although protective eyewear is still recommended) and very unlikely to cause any property damage.

How much is a gel blaster?

The price of a gel blaster depends on many factors like the brand and costs. The cheapest one can be around 10 USD, while the most expensive gel blaster can be up to over 200-300USD like some metal gel blaster and Co2 GBB. The average cost for the gel blaster gun is 80-100USD according to our purchasing history.


How Far can gel blasters shoots?

  The splatter ball blaster can shoot around 10-12 meters. For an upgraded gel blaster, it has the ability to shoot gels up to 25m.

  Here we tested the rs99 glock gel blaster shooting range


Are gel blasters legal in US?

  The gel blasters in genernal is legal in US, but you need to consult with local state government first to see if there is a specific law regarding the gel blaster.

Check this blog for details:


Are Gel Guns Safe?

  Yeah gel guns are technically safe if used properly. Actually, the gel blaster is much safer than paintball since paintballs are larger and heavier than gel balls, while the gel balls are smaller and the blaster has a less Joule.

The biu blaster team even tested a uzi blaster to see if it hurts.

    So we highly recommend wear protective gears first before shooting your toy guns. Some people may try the gel ball gun to shoot birds. Sure, it will hurt birds if the fire power is too great. And Will a gel blaster kill a bird? sorry it won't. The gel balls will be disintegrated instantly when hit on targets, it won't penetrate the animal body, but sure it will make the birds feel a sting of pain. lol...

Check this blog for details:




In the End

 I think you have a rough picture of what is a gel blaster now. It's a really fun toy and recommended by many influencers especially on Tiktok. You can learn it further buy purchasing a first gel blaster in your life. The biu blaster toy shop can ship our best chosen gel blasters from US stock, check now!