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You can also play CS: Yinhui infrared toy battle suit at home

by 虎徽 潘 on February 22, 2022

During the summer vacation, I played nerf against my baby every day at home. I enjoyed it. Occasionally, I would have a CS war in another form. I took my baby to play real CS before. My children and I felt that the protective gear and firearms were never disinfected and dirty, so I haven't been there since I had experienced it twice. Search the whole network. I originally planned to buy Hasbro Lazer tag, but it only supports the devices before iPhone 4S. I can't find an outdated mobile phone for a 200 yuan toy gun. Besides, the online review is not very good.

Silverlit Yinhui is a domestic toy brand, and its products are mainly exported. This battle infrared laser gun suit tmall flagship store is currently in a cost-effective promotion, which is much cheaper than when I bought it.

It is packed in translucent cartons, with play introduction and function description printed on the back.

The box contains two toy guns, two pairs of glasses and paper instructions.

The toy gun is red and blue, regardless of the main machine and auxiliary machine. The shape is changeable. The above picture shows the extended pistol state.

The muzzle consists of three round holes. In addition to a sealed decorative hole, the other two round holes are used to emit and receive infrared rays.

In addition to the normal pistol shape, it can also be changed in one shot. The front of the gun body can be retracted and the butt can be folded.

So is the blue one.

The moving picture describes the telescopic state of the barrel. Because GIF is a circular play, in fact, it can only pop up after pressing the paddle, and will not retract automatically.

There are barrel ejection paddles on both sides.

"A off b" behind the paddle is the grouping selection key. If it is a two person battle, different groups need to be selected respectively. If it is a four person battle, two candidates are group A and two candidates are group B. Team members in the same group will not be injured by mistake.

When it is pulled back and loaded, it will produce a real sound effect.

Each toy gun needs 3 No. 7 batteries for power supply, and two need 6 No. 7 batteries in total.

Above is the blood tank, with a total of 5 cells. If you are hit twice in pistol mode, you will reduce 1 cell. If you are hit once in shotgun mode, you will reduce 1 cell. There is also a vibration reminder when shot. When the blood tank is completely extinguished, it means that the game fails, and the toy gun automatically enters the sleep state. To restart the game, you need to toggle the grouping button again.

At the top is a foldable sight. After entering the game mode, it will shine green.

When starting and shooting, the side light will be on, accompanied by real-time sound effect.

The box comes with 2 goggles, which are also battle data receivers. The headband is adjustable in size and suitable for adults and children.

Each goggle requires two No. 7 batteries. Toy guns and goggles require a total of 10 No. 7 batteries.

After pairing and setting are successful, the indicator lights up and the receiver enters the working state.


Advantages: Cool modeling, exquisite workmanship, realistic and interesting sound and light effects, high interactivity, different from nerf launcher, not only my son and I like it, but also the children who come home to play. It is not limited by the venue. In addition to playing at home, it can also be taken to the outdoor game.

Disadvantages: there are great differences between pistol mode and shotgun mode. Even if children make an appointment to fight in pistol mode, they will inevitably switch to shotgun mode secretly, which is easy to cause disputes. If only there was a locking function. 10 No. 7 batteries are required to fill the battery. It is suggested that the next generation products can be designed with built-in lithium battery.