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1KG Glow in the Dark Tracer Gel Balls 7-8mm-gel balls-Biu Blaster-Biu Blaster

1KG Glow in the Dark Tracer Gel Balls 7-8mm

$59.99 $69.99

    1KG/lot 7-8mm Tracer Glowing Gel Balls

    Glowing tracer gel balls for gel blaster toy guns
    Color: Milky
    Size: 7-8mm ( after soaking)
    Features: Hardened and Professional

    How to make the tracer gel balls:
    With the professional tracer mag :
    1, Soaking gel balls about 3-4 hours.
    2, Loading in the glowing magazine.
    3, Normal launch, continuous light.
    Without the Professional glowing Mag:
    1, Soaking gel balls about 3-4 hours.
    2, Illuminate with a flashlight before putting it in the magazine.
    3, Normal launch, Short glowing Time.

    1 Water bead is a high swelling item prohibited to be placed in the mouth, so as not to cause harm.
    2 Please use under adult supervision.
    3 Do not store gel balls in a cold place.
    4 Do not shoot at eyes.

    Package contents:
    1KG gel balls, about 2.2 LBS

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