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Electric M92 Hopper Feed Gel Ball Blaster-gel blaster-Biu Blaster-Uenel
Electric M92 Hopper Feed Gel Ball Blaster-gel blaster-Biu Blaster-Uenel

Electric M92 Hopper Feed Gel Ball Blaster


    the m92 gel ball blaster orby toy gun is the first choice for outdoor team games. Can improve kids' physical exercise, targeting skills, which is beneficial for kids health and endurance. Let kids put down the video games and start outdoor games with our water bead now!

        【Safety and Fun】: The gel ball blaster is an electric automatic mode gel ball launcher shooting 7-8mm gel ball bullets. The gel balls burst after impact, and will disappear completely after drying. No harm to children. Suitable for both adults and kids age 12+.

        【Electric Gel Ball Blaster Toy】: The gel ball blaster is powered by a rechargeable 7.4V battery, which makes it has a stable shooting accuracy, shooting faster and smoother. The toy blaster can shoot 8+ gel balls per second, having an effective range of more than 33 feet. 

        【Soak Gel Balls before Use】: Before use, you need to soak the original water beads come in the pack in water for 3-4 hours to expand to 7-8mm, which is the suitable size for the blaster.

        【Easy to use】: Highly assembled, easy to use. Just load the gel ball in the magazine and install the battery, press the insurance, then you can enjoy playing. Gel ball blasters is a new and interesting toy. They are perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas day, holidays, etc!

    Package include:
    1*M92 Electric Gel blaster;
    500PCS* water beads;
    1* rechargeable battery;
    1*Charge Cable;

    Why choose our gel ball blaster toy?
    1. The gel blasters are revolutionary outdoor toys,both for kids age 12+ and adults;
    2. The blasters are made of BPA free plastic material,safe and durable;
    3. With 7-8mm gel ball bullets,the toy blaster has an effective range of about 33 feet,it involves fun of physical exercise, goal skills, observation, endurance and team work;
    4. It's an ideal gift for kids.Perfect gift for birthday, party, Christmas Day.

    How to use the gel ball blaster?
    1.Fully charge the battery,install the battery to the battery storage as teh picture.
    2.Soak the gel ball for more than 3 hours;
    3.Fill the transparent hopper with soaked gel balls,install the hopper to the feedneck;
    4.Turn on the switch,then just enjoy playing.

    1.Remember wearing the safe glass when playing;
    2.Do not shoot at eyes or face,do not shoot animals;
    3.Children please play under the supervision of adults.

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