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Electric Splatter X5 Gel Blaster Toy Gun - Red Black Color-gel blaster-Biu Blaster-Uenel

Electric Splatter X5 Gel Blaster Toy Gun - Red Black Color


    This is the New version of X5 gel blaster. It has an improved with motor and upgrade gears, so it has a better feeding and less issues than the former x5 blaster. The X-5 has a good build quality at an affordable price. It has a cool colt m1911 design.

    X5 Features:

    • Electric blow-back.
    • Great rate of fire.
    • Last round hold-open.
    • Flashlight on the bottom.
    • Short, long, and drum mags.
    • Compatible with x2 mags.

    Model: X5
    Material: nylon
    Shooting  mode: full auto
    Gel ball size: 7-8 mm
    Color: red black
    Weight: 695g
    Dimensions: 33*18*8cm

    Shooting range: 15-20m
    Velocity: 140-150 FPS
    Rate of fire: 12 RPS

    Package Includes:
    1x x5 gel ball blaster

    1x holographic sight
    1x 7.4v lipo battery and USB charger

    1x Safety glasses

    1x Manual
    1x short stick magazine
    1x long mag
    1x drum mag
    40000pcs gel balls (blue or orange)

    Here is the: X5 Gel Blaster Review

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